Feng Shui Living Room For More Relaxing and Inviting Design

Feb 17th
Luxury Feng Shui Living Room
Luxury Feng Shui Living Room

Feng Shui Living Room simply mean to decorate a living room in Feng Shui style to allow free flow of healthy and positive life energy or ‘chi’ and improve the quality of our life in general. Feng Shui aims to help us gain perfect harmony in our surroundings and life. In the living room, dehumidifiers do not find favor with Feng Shui, while any corner and alcoves are believed to obstruct the flow of chi. Thus, you should place your lights in such a way that there are no dark corners in your living room and that they are also made a part of the living room by brightening them up. Placing a beautiful piece of art or a colorful painting there or a potted plant that has round leaves in such spaces can make them look interesting too and help the flow of chi.

Make sure that you never put straight plants with thorns in such places. Wide wall spaces in the living room can be used to accommodate a mirror that makes your living room look spacious but they must reflect a beautiful view such as view from a window or the fireplace. Placing your mirrors incorrectly will only promote negative energy and can actually have opposite results. Cluttered living rooms are not a constructive living room idea according to Feng Shui. Do not try to accommodate too much furniture in the living room. If you really want to decorate your living room in Feng Shui style, your TV or sound system, should not be placed as one of the more important pieces or their electromagnetic waves may disrupt the flow of chi.

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Feng Shui also refers to masculine energy called yin and feminine energy called yang and seeks to balance them both. Thus, incorporate feminine elements on the floor or the sofa and fresh flowers on the center of the table in the living room. However, Feng Shui does not care for dried flowers and actually forbids there use while decorating living rooms. Decorating your feng shui living room style means to promote the feeling of calm and relaxation. It suggests that furniture layout of the living room should be more intimate, circular at its best. Furniture should never be pushed up against the walls and the seating area should be so arranged that guests are comfortable and sit facing the door.

To make sure that we are decorating living rooms, exactly according to the living room, you can use a Ba-gua or the Feng Shui plan that maps eight important areas of our lives, namely, family, career, education, fame, relationships, health, children and travel. You need to determine the direction of the house and then superimpose the Ba-Gua on the house map to find out which area represents what aspect of your life. Even inside the living room, you can place the Ba-gua and decorate it appropriately to ensure that everything goes well with you. A cactus in the wealth corner of your home may mean a thorn in your wealth aspect while a fish bowl or an aquarium, plants with round leaves, crystals or wind chimes there may bring in more money into the house and get you the desired promotion.

You must keep the entrance of your home and living room clear of any clutter. It should have lots of light and open to welcome chi. Never place a mirror, directly opposite the door of the living room, so that chi is not reflected back. Avoid putting up photographs or pictures that are not actually happy or soothing to you as the first thing to see in the living room, as soon as you enter the door. Instead place the photograph of happy times you had or your most beloved person there, so that your mood lightens up as soon as you enter your living room. Be sure to put if your living room has an awkward shape, place mirrors strategically to direct chi all over the living room. While wind chimes can actually sound good and helps you to soothe your nerves, an organized clutter-free living room with good aesthetic sense speaks of a perfect Feng Shui living room.

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