Learn to Make Your Own Cake through Michaels Cake Decorating Class

Sep 9th
michaels cake decorating toppers
michaels cake decorating toppers

Michaels cake decorating class are really helpful for you who want to learn decorating your own cake. If you want to celebrate a special moment of your beloved people, cake is a great gift. Besides, it will be more special, if you make it by yourself. However, for the beginner, it is not easy, unless if you know about the utensils and how to make it.

The utensils you need for Michaels cake decorating

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To produce a nice decorated cake, you must prepare some utensils. First is the offset spatula in big and small size that will be used to spread the icing over the cake as the base, Second utensils are piping bags and its tips with various shapes like star and round hole. Third is pastry scrapper, if you want to make layers and the last is balloon whisk.

Basic step for decorating cake

At the Michaels class, you will learn how to use the utensils in a right way and about its functions. Then, you will start to make the icing for the cake base. After that, this step is the most waiting, which is learning to make various type of cake decorating. There are a lot of kinds of decoration, and you will learn it from the simplest to the most difficult one.

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