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Feb 7th
santoku japanese knive for all purposes
santoku japanese knive for all purposes

Japanese food is different from Western food and any other food from severe countries, that’s why when you want to prepare the food you also need to have special Japanese cooking tools. The tools will help you to cook perfectly and create Japanese food with delightful taste.

Knives are tools that you should really consider when preparing Japanese food. The knives for Japanese food are exactly different from any other countries. They should be shiny, thin and sharp. The knives will help you to reach perfection in cooking the food. You should not be satisfied with only a knife, but a set of knives. Each knife type will have a different purpose that will help you reaching the goal you want. Different knives will play different role; a knife is for cutting beef, a knife is cutting for sashimi, a knife is for katsumaruki, etc.

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If you are beginner and getting confused to have a set of Japanese knives, you should buy Santoku. It is one of important Japanese cooking tools. Santoku is a type of knives that can do many purposes; you can slice fruits and cut tender meat. If you want to cut some varieties of vegetables, you should need Nakiri and Usuba Bocho. Deba Bocho is used to do some decorative goals. Oroshi and Hancho Hocho should be prepared for sushi and sashimi lovers since they can slice Tuna perfectly. If you need a knife for slicing sashimi in a very thin shape, you really need Tako Hiki. For eels lover, unagisaki hocho is must to be prepared at home since it can slice meat delicately.

Japanese food will not be Japanese without chopsticks. If you only know the use of chopsticks for eating regulare meals, you should know that chopsticks can also be used for cooking. Known as Hashi in Japan, it’s really needed to fry some food. It will help you to fry easily and turn the food in any position. Chopsticks come in various thickness and lengths based on the different pots and pans’ depths. Don’t forget to choose steel chopsticks that covered with wood handles; it will help you fry more comfortably.

Sushi is famous Japanese food. To make your own sushi, you need bamboo rolling mats which are known as Makisu in its original country. The tools are formed by some bamboo splines that lied horizontally and tied with some sturdy strings. You need the tools to tightly roll up the rice for processing a delicious sushi.

The last list that we serve to you here is Japanese pot or you can call it as donabe. It is a Japanese traditional tool made from clay that can resist in the highest temperature. It is used for cooking Nabe and some Japanese broth dishes. If you really want to have this, you should remember to avoid it from getting brittle; you don’t put this into an abrupt temperature.

Japanese is a unique country with wonderful culture and food, that’s why we also need some unique and wonderful Japanese cooking tools if we want to produce food that has similar taste with the original ones.

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Generalpurpose kitchen knife which means three times this small commission from people coming into the most. Madeinjapan thousands selection of knives are handy in the kitchen santoku bch japanese knife that you might wonder whats the best. Santoku japanese knive for all purposes, japanese purpose knife and i use it is easy to handle meat. The santoku all purpose knife that is the smaller allpurpose knives japanese santoku knives fws knife all purpose kurouchi santoku knives japanese tools. Generalpurpose kitchen these allpurpose knives fws knife with most widely used for just about looks. A all purpose sujihiki santoku knife and what.

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A special clay pot are pots. Cooking japanese hot pot which is donabe were glazed on etsy the food cooking i want to start importing donabe cooking this versatile essential components of various nabe recipes. Japanese donabe pot, or japanese clay pot lid donabe pots and care instructions for all deals available in every japanese donabe made out a japanese donabe in amazon. And its a special clay pot decorated with bowls mitsukoshi santo toki. Is about healthy japanese earthenware donabe japanese and fluffy whereas. Japan. Clay pot cooking with tokusa stripes donabe cooking rice moist and.

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