Modern Bed Designs Bring Simplicity To Your Private Space

May 25th
Modern Bed Designs For Bedroom

Modern bed designs are needed to complete your modern bedroom ideas. It will be so complicated to combine between modern bedrooms with classical bed. Modern bedroom needs simple, sleek and minimalist bed that will enhance the modern style of the room. For you who haven’t found the perfect bed design to complete your modern bedroom, you can try to design your own modern bed. You will not only get a perfect modern bed, but you will also get what you want.

With a well planning, you only need to spend your afternoon to finish the job. Here are some materials that you need to prepare to build modern bedroom designs with queen size.

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  • 4 beams, 2 by 6 by 80 inches
  • 20 strips, 1 by 4 by 60 inches
  • Sandpaper (rough grit and fine grit)
  • Paint or stain
  • Painting supplies
  • 80 wood screws, 2 inches long
  • Power drill with screwdriver bits
  • Queen-size mattress (box spring optional)

After all materials you need are ready, let’s go to the first step. Sand all faces of your lumber with rough grit sandpaper. Sand one face of each strip a second time, using fine grit sandpaper. After that, you can apply one coat of paint or stain to all faces of your lumber. Allow the pieces to dry.

Lay the four beams side by side, parallel and with their ends aligned. The outside edges of the outermost beams should be 60 inches apart. The mid-lines of the innermost beams should be 15 inches from each other and 15 inches from the mid-lines of the nearest exterior beam. All four beams should rest on the narrow, 2-inch wide face.

Lay one strip across the four beams, sanded side up, running perpendicular to the line of the beams. The outside edge of the strip should lie flush with the ends of the beams. Screw it in place by driving one screw through the strip and into the mid-line of each beam below.

Lay the next strip down, sanded side up, flush alongside the one you placed in previous step. Screw it in place to each beam as you did in a step before. Repeat the steps to lay all of the other strips down, covering the beams with the final strip you screw in place. Then, apply a second coat of paint to the top faces of your strips. After you get your modern bed frame, you may lay the mattress on top of your frame.

This project really needs your time, creativity and patience. If you think you don’t have one of them, you may purchase modern bed designs that you want in any home improvement stores. Nowadays there are many choices of modern bed with unique and awesome designs.

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